Solar Energy Projects

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Solar Energy Projects

Post  gery_valkova on Thu Sep 04, 2008 5:33 pm

Hello everybody,

as my faculty study adviser advised me to address you with thos question, here I am doing so. Smile It is about my scope of interest beyond the topics discussed and studies at FEB.

Before joining the MSc IB&M program, I was working for a Bulgarian company which had the intention of investing in a solar technology system (called photovolataic system). I was coordinating that project and made a market research of the most suitable company to offer a turn-key solution.

I know that the RUG has very good research centres in the field of sustainable energy and I would like to be invloved in projects/research in that field ( any suitable student organisation which is doing extracurricular activities conencted with sustainable energy problems, escpecially solar energy technologies) and would welcome any suggestions which will enhance my knowledge concering these issues.

Thanks a lot for your comments in advance.
MSc IB&M Program


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