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ordering books

Post  sabs on Thu Jul 31, 2008 1:07 pm

Hi guys,
I would like to ask you something about ordering books.
Iam going to study international economics and business.
Do I have to order all the books registered at Ocasys or is it possible to borrow them at the university's library or to buy them second hand?

With kind regards,


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Re: ordering books

Post  Marjolijn Onrust on Thu Jul 31, 2008 11:10 pm

Hi Sabs,

You can purchase the books second hand, through the Internet or in second-hand book stores. However, you then run the risk that the books are sold out before the semester starts. The university library also has the books in stock, but usually there is one copy of the book and they do not lend this out to students. A solution can be to photocopy the pages of the books, which is cheaper but more work. Another option is to purchase your books through ebf (the faculty student association), via their internet site, where you can get discounts if you are an ebf member. The last option is to buy your books in a regular book store, but this is the most expensive option. Some students are really good at getting cheap books second-hand, other students are willing to pay a bit more and be sure that they will get their books on time. It's up to you which option you prefer. Good luck!!

Regards, Marjolijn

Marjolijn Onrust
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