Praying for hope

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Praying for hope

Post  hooooodi on Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:20 am

on May 21th, a heavy windy night, there was a soccer game. You can hardly find any people on the street in Groningen. However, in the corner of the fish market, there were a group of students who were trying to light candles under the Martini Tower. Who are they? What they were doing?

As we all know, an 8-magnitude earthquake hit Sichuan Province, China on May 12th, 2008, and hundreds of thousands of people have been seriously suffered. At that time, when I was studying in the bright and capacious university library and hearing shouting and laughing from Carnivals in the city center, I canít stop imagining people in the other side of the world were weeping; when I see my friends enjoying BBQ under the shinning sun, I canít stop imagining children who were still buried under the ruins , starving to death.

I realized that I cannot just sit and keep my fingers crossed; I tried to inform international friends around me of the catastrophe and ask for their help; I also donated a part of my living fee to the Red Cross myself. Moreover, other Chinese students in the Netherlands were taking quick and effective actions, too. ACSSG (Association of Chinese students and scholars Group, the biggest society for Chinese students and scholars in the Netherlands) has contacted the Dutch Red Cross in Den Haag to build up a convenient donation channel. Until May the 29th, the Association has raised amount to 83081.83, mostly from students and scholars in the Netherlands. Besides, a simple and solemn ceremony was held in Academic Building, Spiegelzaal on May 21th, mourning for the victims in the disaster. In the same day, a candle ritual was organized in the fish market by double degree students between the university of Groningen and Fudan University to pray for the suffering people in the earthquake. Yes, thatís what we were doing at the beginning. We did feel surprised and touched that so many people still came spontaneously and brought candles and flowers with them in such a horrible night!

Dear my friends, I am really grateful to your care and help towards troubled Chinese people in Sichuan. Thank you Steffen! Thank you Marjolijn Onrust! Thank you Tom! Thank you Kevin! Thank you all!

We grieve over the dead;
We believe there is smile in paradise;
We pray for the survivor;
We are convinced there is a hope ahead!!!

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