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Ep.1: Let's suppose... Empty Ep.1: Let's suppose...

Post  diana_tircomnicu on Thu Feb 28, 2008 2:06 am

Do you like playing games? Well, I'm going to
tell you something about myself: I really do! Mostly, I like to invent my own
and develop them as I go along. Now why don't you play along with me for a bit?
I'm still in the stage of beta-testing, but let's suppose...
Ok then, before we start let me just tell you the rules of the game so the
chances that you get a 'Game Over', 'Mission Aborted' or a blue screen will be
smaller. Now, I'm the programmer and you are the character. Be aware that I
will guide you through the maps and through the missions. However, we take
every mission at a time, so today it will be 'Bare necessities' (remember to
play Baloo's song from the Jungle Book when going through this, it gets your
stamina up a few levels). Ok, now prepare. Here we go! Advisory: some variables
in the game might change once you play it without guidance or for the second
You arrive by train. You get out, probably there is some light rain. Searching
in your backpack inventory, you do not find anything that can help. However,
you take out some papers and examine them. Take out the map, locate the
address on the document, and then take a cab. Have a nice conversation with the
taxi driver in English and once you reach the destination get your luggage out.
There's this building in front of you, supposedly a student house. Now the
quest for checking in, talking with the student manager and all the paperwork
starts. Except that you have to be very attentive during this part of the game,
there is nothing of big interest. Now let's say that you're quite pleased with
your new room. Your stamina goes up. However, when you end the conversation,
you're being told that you need a bike. You knew it from before. The problem is
how to get one. So you ask. There are a few possibilities, out of which 2 seem
better: either you buy one from another student that will leave soon, or you go to a second hand bike shop. You choose the bike
shop, keeping in mind that if you arrive among with the other few thousands of
students each September, chances are you will pay a bit extra for your bike. You
take the bus, go to the center, buy your bike. And so you got pimped with a
nice second hand bike, let's say green. Now, what you do not know from the
start, and what you should not know yet, is that soon you will have a nice name
for your bike. Or you will just call it Bike, but in an affectionate way (I
know this because I read the walkthrough beforehand).
This problem solved, you go to solve your next necessity: learning how to ride
your bike in all the traffic Very Happy . Stamina goes a bit down at this point.
However, the problem will be solved with care and a bit of patience. Now
the game starts to resemble a bit GTA (if you do not know this game, ask one of
your friends, it might give you a nice insight). However, this is not
intentional and it happens at a completely different level. Here you are
dealing mostly with 2wheeled vehicles coming from all directions in this
amazing frenzy. For starters, what you should do is to learn how to use your brakes
properly. Second, as long as you do not do anything stupid, here cars are in
inferiority in traffic. Being careful is the best thing you can do. Basically, a few days on Training Mode and you are good
to go.
This Training Mode, correlated sometimes with Anger Management Very Happy , can be quite exhausting. As you want to get
over the first few days, you make sure you find out where the supermarket is
and fill in your inventory with goodies.
Solving all these, you get the bonus round that you either choose to complete
or not for extra points. The mission is the following: make sure that before
your first day at faculty, you find out the way to get there, as it is
important to be there on time. I'd choose to take it! Extra points are nice! Of
course, to solve this you get a map, a helping fellow and maximum stamina. Now,
either you're in the Harmonie Gebouw (= Harmony Building) or at the Zernike Complex,
chances are the first time it will be a bit confusing. Though, I think the
extra points are more than possible to gain, so go for it!

LEVEL 1 COMPLETE! Save game? Yes!

Additional Notes: Please keep in mind that the Player can always revolt against
the Programmer. Actually, sometimes he is encouraged to do so. You can always
choose to play it different right from the beginning, but I just say let's
suppose... My walkthrough is just one side of the story.

Parental Advisory: Student life is not as innocent as depicted above. But the
details vary so much, we'd rather keep them secret Cool

Diana Tircomnicu
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